Weber Pictures is an independent film company owned by Ryan Scott Weber. Ryan Scott Weber (Born February 24, 1980) is an American film director, writer, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, actor, editor and musician. He shoots and produces many of his films in his native town of Bernardsville, New Jersey. Ryan began his interest in filmmaking at just 15 years old. Weber Pictures has produced four feature films, a short film and a TV Series to date. Weber has worked with many Hollywood actors in his films, Patricia Quinn and Jeffery Weismann to name a few. Weber also plays the drums in the band Crash Romeo. Weber has a distinctive directorial style. He manages to make what look like big budget movies for little money. Some of his films are Mary Horror, Sheriff Tom Vs. The Zombies, Witches Blood, three seasons of the TV series Zombies Incorporated and his newest film Pretty Fine Things. Weber was named on his high school Wikipedia page as one of the notable graduates of his school. Other notable graduates include, Meryl Streep, J. Giles and Roger Bart. He has shown all of his films at the famous Chiller Theatre in New Jersey where he is a guest at each convention.

Ryan Scott Weber

Founder & CEO


Next Steps…

2017 holds a lot for Weber Pictures. Stay tuned for awesomeness…


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